2020 KiSS Radiothon of Hope 9:15 AM Livestream

2020 KiSS Radiothon of Hope 12:00PM Livestream

2020 KiSS Radiothon of Hope 5:30pm Livestream

The KiSS “Radiothon of Hope” is an event held every year in support of the Northern Cancer Foundation. During the broadcast, listeners hear uplifting stories of courage, determination and hope from patients and their caregivers. In addition, local experts and medical staff at the Centre provide updates on new and cutting-edge improvements in the fields of cancer care and research.

The success of the annual KiSS Radiothon of Hope is largely due to the generous contributions made by the citizens and organizations in our community.  Your support allows us to continue providing care for loved ones here at home where they belong.

Become a Hope Club member for only $15/month and help purchase much needed equipment for the Northeast Cancer Centre!

What we’ve purchased in the past…

The Physics Department has asked for a RadCalc update and upgrade ($18 000)

This is a software upgrade that calculates and confirms the radiation amounts required. The treatment planning system does the initial calculations…this makes sure it’s right before treatment begins.

The Daffodil Lodge has asked for a Bathtub in the wheelchair room ($5 000)

Patients who stay at the Daffodil Lodge have come to Sudbury from one of the hundreds of towns in Northeastern Ontario served by the Cancer Centre. Because of their particular cancer, they may have spinal cord compression or bone weaknesses… This bathtub will allow them easier access…

The Supportive Care department has asked for a special children’s room ($10 000)

It will be equipped for telemedicine and a place where kids with cancer going through therapy, or those here because a family member is battling cancer…can feel comfortable.

The Treatment Delivery Group had asked for a special Digital Camera for Skin Cancer ($1 500)

Doctors can write lots of notes about their patients, but sometimes the best description is a picture. It allows you to look back and see if treatments have made a difference in skin cancers. So time to get them one that isn’t falling apart! (it’s not like the ones we have at home)

The Chemo Department has asked for an E.S.A.S. touch screen kiosk ($5 000)

The KiSS Radiothon of Hope donations bought the first two of these here at the Cancer centre. They work…because this allows patients to come in and answer questions on the touch screen and rate their symptoms or level of pain. The files are updated so there’s a complete history without someone taking notes and entering them

The Cancer Centre has asked for a GPU Processor for dosimetric calculations ($4 000)

The idea here is to increase the speed of doing the complex calculations for radiation doses. As more people come to the Cancer centre, time is the enemy. Once a treatment plan is determined, every minute counts.

The Cancer Centre has asked for a Penta Guide Phantom ( $4 500)

This is not a huge expense, but gets used every day to make sure that where the radiation beam is pointed is the safest place, to not damage healthy tissue…just get the cancer…

The Research Department has asked for a Photo Documentation system ($20 000)

The research that’s done here is phenomenal, and they need something from you. They have a photo documentation system right now that’s constantly in use and getting old fast. It takes pictures of the gels used to separate and detect specific DNA pieces or proteins. Soon it’s going to stop working, so we need to raise the money so they can buy a new one and keep everything for that project running.

The Chemotherapy Clinic has asked for a Flatscreen TV & DVD player ($900)

Patients waiting in the Symptom Management Clinic need a way to escape from their surroundings.  Entertainment in the form of a TV and DVD player will add that little bit of comfort while they’re there.

26 Chemo Chairs!

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