Epidemiology, Outcomes & Evaluative Research is a new program that conducts research into cancer risks and outcomes from treatment.

Dr. Mike Conlon and his team conduct studies in this department at the Northeast Cancer Center. The studies are a combination of traditional survey-based research and laboratory-based genetics. They are large, diverse, and collaborative in nature, often involving working closely with other researchers and clinicians at local, national, and international levels. In addition, some of their findings have been published in prestigious scientific journals and presented at important national and international scientific forums.

Plans are underway to utilize newly developed genetic technology that will allow for a more comprehensive examination of genes that may be important to cancer risk, to toxicity and outcomes from cancer treatment. The research that Dr. Conlon and his team conduct will continue to be innovative and will assist clinicians to better tailor treatments to each patient.

Dr. Conlon was born and raised in Sudbury and currently lives in Lively with his wife, Connie and two daughters. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario, and then returned home to complete his Masters at Laurentian University. His PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics was completed at the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Conlon has been with the Northeast Cancer Center for 15 years and in 2008 became the director of the department.

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